Sunday 28 August 2016

Hello, I’m back my Wi-Fi down so I could not upload i have been catching up with a lot of YouTube lately 
YouTube channels I love
Michelle phan
Conor maynard
Caspar lee
Will darbyshire
Anna Akana
Tyler Oakley
Anndd if you are a part of the phandom I recommend taking a look at
A couple of youtubers I discovered recently -
Thisbedottie: I love the artistic language she uses and the manner in which she presents her videos. She has this dreamy charm about her words that will make you believe in art.  If you are into artsy and philosophical side of things you will love her videos. My personal favorite is the video called “forever falling skywards”

Meowitslucy: She is a super down to earth, fun and creative person. She has a series called 168 hours which are 7 days edited into 1 vlog. Again, her style of speaking and editing will have you hooked. She has a feminine sense of style without being overly girly which is rare.

 please do comment your channel reccomendations below. OH! how i missed the internet.see you on sunday 'pinky promise'

Sunday 24 July 2016

A page from my diary

There is something strange about the weather that makes me contemplative. I want to start a blog. Anonymous, of course. I recently read girl online which makes me want to start a blog even more than ever. It can be my little fire.  This can keep me warm as I battle. I feel like I have become passive lately.

Just letting life pass me by. Letting life pass by me .I want to get up and be excited for each day. It feels really nice to lie down and stare out of the window. There is a green canopy of creepers which I can see and blue sky to contrast. The world appears upside down when I lie down like that. Occasionally a bird flutters by. I think that’s what I have been doing unknowingly-lying down. I must get up.
have you ever felt like this? please feel free to leave a comment.
see you next sunday!